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Communication of today

When the physical borders fall we gather in mental groups, that are stronger and bigger than ever (with one group having members in the whole world), and affinity, fellowship and solidarity gets lost in the physical world but refound on the screen, where we find or create our new homeland. It is quite similar to the shamn´s way of creating a medicine wheel, a personal space where only certain spirits are allowed to enter while the other ones get blocked with magical formulas, similar to the blocking of an unwanted person on Facebook with the help of magical clicks that keep your circle safe.

When you talk with a real person in real life you can see and feel what kind of person it is and you can also, to a certain extent, feel how this person is thinking and then you ajust your words to that. You can ”fall into the same mental pattern” if you want to. That personal connection gets lost on facebook, even if you really know whom you are talking with (writing with) because you cannot hear the tone of the voice and all kinds of emotions cannot be shown with just emoticons. You cannot see what mood the other person is in and you do not know from which source he has picked his information.

You can only see the written words and you might not even know if they are written by an old person or a teenager. So you answer to the written words and not exactly to the person.
These words are in a sense ”taken out of the blue” (because the experience of the person is lost) and your answer will come from your own associations, which can come from a point of view that the first person is totally unaware of. And then, eventually, the fight starts between people who would never ever discuss anything with each other in normal life. They would just look at each other and immediately understand that it was not possible to have any spontaneous conversation of value. They would just say: ”Hi, how are you? Nice weather today!”

Another thing is that people are also not really aware of the grammar (at least not in Sweden) so quite often a sentence is not clear – you have to guess what the other person means. Your guessing will be based on your own referencies and not on reality, i.e. what the other person really meant.
And reversed: one person makes a very clear statement and some other people understand something completely different, because they do not bother to read carefully because the guessing has become a habit. Quite often a serious thought with an interesting question can start a thread of nonsensical crap.

People have now learned that it can be ”dangerous” to express deeper thoughts and uncommon values on facebook because it can always lead to an attack from someone with totally different values. Serious subjects can get attacked with foolish poppycock, often from the members of VoF, who are aggressively attacking everything that they do not understand.
You have to express exactly the same opinion as the majority of your friends or the participants of your group otherwise you can get into the same trouble as you would do in real life if you mentioned an idea that was not familiar to the other ones.

Psychologicallt speaking you would be ”cast out of the nest” which in nature (and in our genes) is the most dangerous thing that can happen. A group has to be homogenous to be able to survive in nature and the need for this homogeneity is rooted in our subconscious mind. In past times every area had it´s own religion / mythology, which puched the group members into the same frame of reference. Today we almost have the opposite when everyone has the right to find his own truth to develop his own individuality.

Deep inside we often react on a ”foreign opinion” as if it would be an enemy. This emotional reaction triggers the defense instinct in the other person and then a little war starts and every possibility to understand each other´s points of view are lost and it ends with both thinking: ”It is not possible to talk with you, because you do not want to understand!”
Of course! When the defence reaction takes over you are not even interested in trying to understand because the higher part of the brain is ”cut off” and is no longer functionning. With a Talking Stick it is fairly easy to put an end to this fight and get back to a mutual understanding of each others opinions. When the speed slows down he brain goes back to those frequencies where listening, peace and understanding is possible. A Talking Stick is in a way similar to a microphone. It means full focus on the person who is holding it.

Anyway, our innate reaction patterns seem to have had the effect of scaring people from saying what they really think, being afraid of totally unexpected attacks that can come any time. It can be seen on the Likes on Facebook, where serious topics are avoided and kittens, hearts, flowers and sunsets are favoured. We show the Jungian Persona, the public relations part of the ego, for reasons of personal convenience and for the wish of pleasing others and be liked by them.

Subjects, that should be of the greatest importance for all people to talk openly about, are being tucked away into special groups where all agree upon the same opinion, which gets stronger and stronger within the group. Here you can freely express your unusual opinion and people like what mainstream would dislike. No danger of being attacked (as long as you stick to the same opinion!)
In this way the group also gets more and more far away from the other group that carries the opposite opinion. The gap between them increase because each group consists of an overwhelming amount of information that proves the validity of the own group´s position and attitude.

When you search for something on the net your browser learns to show what you like. If you like fishing and hunting and you often look at films about fishing and hunting YouTube will start presenting all possible films on fishing and hunting and almost not on anything. You will get 100 films on fishing and hunting but probably not one single film about about how to cultivate roses. You will get nothing about how to draw a mandala.

So when you perceive the world through the screen you will get an impression that ”the whole world” is almost fanatic about your idea, in this case fishing and hunting. You might not even be aware that mandala drawing exists!

If you use YouTube you will experience that ”everyone” is deeply interested in your profession, favorite hobby or political opinion. Your browser fully agrees with you!!! So you will believe that the whole world has this interest and opinion. ”The whole world knows what you know, dislikes what you dislike and believes what you believe!!!” That is the impression that your browser gives you.

Then you meet an old friend, who doesn´t have a clue about your interest in fishing and hunting! He hates fishing and hunting and he was up to now firmly safe in his belief that most intelligent people hated the cruel fishing and hunting. His browser overloads him with vegetarianism, peace, flowers, mandalas, mantras, sweet kittens and beautiful sunsets. You get surprised and almost chocked. When you were young, living on the same street, you were equally interested in football and he was your best friend! And now....? How is it possible that he has become so strange? He thinks the same thing about you and you do not even bother to become friends on Facebook. You belong to different groups.

Physically we intermingle more and more across the borders between different countries and and the ”personality of a country, the heart of that country” gets lost (but fought for by nationalists).
When the physical borders fall we gather in mental groups, that are stronger and bigger than ever. We get mentally collected in big bubbles of perception and these bubbles can get into war with each other in the same way as countries always did. In the old times such bubbles were called spirits or gods and we know from mythology and astrology that certain gods can be in conflict with each other. These ”bubbles” work in the same way as religions. Within a bubble people get united, especially when they get into conflict with people from another bubble, another way of thinking, another spirit, another god.

If all people are divided into mental groups, with lost understanding of each others´points of view, the whole situation would get much better if we learned to use the Talking Stick, the ”magical” communication wand, that the Red Indians have taught us to use. I don´t mean that we should carry around our sticks everywhere, but the use of a Talking Stick teaches the mind to keep a slower pace and to listen, to try to understand and not to interrupt others. (Not even by screaming: ”Do not interrupt me!”). It can help to solve the tricky effects of Internet when they spread into reality.

The Talking Stick is a tool for solving communication problems.
Talking Stick "Wise Grandfather" 
The thing is not only that the one, who is holding the Talking Stick, is the only one that is allowed to speak. An important thing is that the other persons have to listen in such a way that they are capable of showing that they have really understood the first person´s deeper reasons for thinking in a special way. According to Hindu terminology we live in the Age of Kali Yuga, which is said to be the Age of confusion and here are some referencies, some quotations:

”the age of conflicts, wars, genocides, dirty businesses, aberrant social and philosophical systems, the malefic development of knowledge that gets into irresponsible hands.”

Everything tends to become equal, and this equanimity in all the fields and areas is actually the prelude of death. The cities and villages will be filled with groups of bandits and the rapes will be frequent. The water will be very rare. At the end of Kali Yuga, this process is accelerated, and this very acceleration is one of the signs indicating the approaching catastrophe.

The great majority of the new leaders will be of working class origin and they will obstinately pursue the priests and those who gained the knowledge.

Linga Purana says:“the people of Kali Yuga are stimulated by the lowest instincts. They chose false ideas and concepts over the authentic ones, they have no hesitation in persecuting the wise, the envy torments them, negligence, disease, hunger and fear will spread.

The stability and balance of the four classes of society and of the four ages of life will disappear. 


Shiva can destroy only the societies that have gone astray from their purpose, who have broken the natural law.

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