torsdag 12 januari 2017

Communication brakedown in modern society.

Communication is an important skill that is slowly on it´s way towards a complete crash in our modern society, strangely enough mainly because of our new access to a zunami of information tools with seemingly unlimited capacity.
We know how to quickly find, store and use huge amounts of information from almost any area and with the IT we can easily build up a huge bank of knowledge around our own package of interests.

It is easier than ever to build a personal bubble of knowledge that reflects and strengthens the own personality. In the same way as you can choose your own way of clothes, make up and hair style you can now build up your mind to a solid block of views all by yourself together with your machine and Internet, where you can find as much support for your ideas as you could ever wish for.

What now happens is that your computer starts answering to your special interest and selects for you all the articles, speeches, films, ads and groups that support your interest. If you, for example, are interested in hunting you will get so much information about hunting that you will also get the feeling that ”all other people are also just crazy about hunting”. Whatever interest you have, the browser will put you in contact with all other groups in the whole world that have specialized in this interest. It gives you an impression that ”everyone is interested in hunting” because that is what you perceive from ”the world” in your computer. You believe that it is the whole world but it is the mental land that you have chosen to travel to.

You will not get into much contact with those that have totally different opinions. They will just be called idiots by your friends in your groups, if they are even mentioned. The deeper world view of the ”peace group” will never be presented in the ”war group” and vice versa. The peace ideas will never reach the war groups as anything else than ”nonsense”. Both groups in such a polarity are fully convinced that they are sitting upon the Truth, especially if they focus on religion, politics, migration, food, medicine or any other hot idea.

Each ”group” works to get more and more friends, allies and followers, and it grows and grows. In this way our blocks of ideas, interests and fantasies work in the same way as different religions. The god of the religion is the concept itself (as for example ”the spirit of hunting”) and the avatars and prophets, that get worshipped and quoted, are the known authors and lecturers that get known to the whole world through papers, books and the net.

According to Cicero the word ”religion” comes from legere, which means ”to read”. More precisely it means ”to pick up” (knowledge), which is done by either listening or reading. The picked knowledge becomes your ”homeland” and you will defend it, at least as long as you have enough friends in that land.

In reality the spirit (concept) of this body of interest is ”worshipped” like a god in a religion, not by placing offerings on an altar, but by the focus and the activities of all the participants. The spirit of the group, the core of the group, can be called a ”god” as the word ”god” is just an old word that means ”the one that is worshipped”. A religion (a traditional one that we call ”religion” or a specific body of knowledge) brings a strong sense of unity to all the participants, who mentally and emotionallt agree upon the same truth and actively believe in it. All of them know that ”this is the truth”, which is also verified by the high and coherent energies that arise in the meetings where all are being pushed into the same experience. The conclusion is that ”others are wrong”. If they present a strong, contradictory meaning they are the enemies and in other cases they are just stupid or misinformed (and maybe have to be rescued and put on the right path).

So if a person from one group meets a person from another group there can be a deep, hidden mental difference, that destroys any attempt to a meaningful conversation. The best one can do is to talk about weather and wind and any kind of nonsensical topic that everyone can agree upon, just to avoid conflicts. So to feel safe we develop a life style where we always talk nonsense and avoid all dangerous contact with more serious topics. Mainstream media supports it with nonsensical soap operas and big headlines about who is in love with whom. At least i Sweden the result is that almost nobody dares to mention anything of deeper importance and if you want to get many likes on fb you just have to put out a picture of a sunset or a kitten as nobody is afraid of clicking on it. Just a dolphin is already a little warning. ”Here we have some ideas about something... and what can that be? I know a racist who likes dolphins so maybe I´d better stay away from this...”
Trump is strongly challenging this fear and the whole old mainstream turns into panic.

In this way (with IT) we can today have a family where every one has his own ”religion”, his own body of knowledge that molds him in a certain way. Everyone can develop his own individuality, which is OK, but in the same time we neglect the communication skills that should be there to bridge between different kinds of minds and opinions. We cannot only have individuals as there has to be a solid society to live in also and that is based upon common rules and laws that a majority can agree upon.

Many have understood that the religions (the traditional churches) have to learn to communicate with each other. But how can the big ones be ”friends in peace” if not even neighbours and family members can be it in daily life? Do humans lack a fundamental peace ability? Or do we just lack the ability to fight, to argue, in a creative way that does not lead to deep anger and violence.
I would say that what is mainly missing is the lack of ability to be detached from an opinion. Your point of view becomes your mental territory and you defend it as any animal defends his territory in nature. I would guess that the more mental you are the more your territory consists of mental ideas and concepts.

The big trend of today and of our society is the brakdown of information and communication as we are driven into separate bubbles of perception that get more and more openly polarized. The big information war has broken out and the present situation with Clinton, Trump and Putin is a very good symbol for mainstream´s unwillingness to communicate over the ”religious” borders. Efforts to communicate in a friendly way are looked upon as something evil and the point of view that ”the war has to go on” is raised to an axiom of ”goodness” and rightousness. Anyone who is against the building up of tensions, that can lead to a disaster for humanity, is looked upon as the devil himself. The world is upside down! Good is bad and bad is good and in this porridge of opinions people totally loose the grip of logic and the loss of the faculty of communication comes together with it and the big information war spreads like fireworks on the global net-sky. Whatever someone claims in the media, including Facebook etc, is immediately attacked by someone else who tells the world that the truth is the opposite to what has just been said.

We have learned that attacking is a good way of getting seen and known, which can open the door to the money making: a mirror of the young, male wolf who attacks the old leader of the pack.
It doesn´t matter if you are right or wrong, a strong attack on anything is a performance, a sensation that people buy, regardless of if they find the attack bad or good.

We have to restore the art of communication on all levels, not only in the realms of traditional religions and politics, but also on the personal levels in daily life. First we have to realize that we live in different mental bubbles where different truths are the rulers. Are two different perceptions able to talk with each other? A concept is based upon a body of both personality, IQ, experience and information and to disclose and reveal this foundation to another person can be almost impossible. All people cannot perceive each others inner worlds and the best they can do is to ignore each other to avoid trouble.

But whatever a conflict is about in personal life, the first thing has to be to sit down and calmly explain, both the thought process and the feeling about it, to the other person, who has to listen and only listen until he has understood the point of view that has been presented. It goes for any little tiny irritation about any little nonsensical triviality, that can be built up in daily life. If a nagging unease and tension is never spoken about it will grow and grow and get transformed into a more destructive trait, which can eventually become the little rat that causes the whole ship to sink.

Communication is the big issue that we have to learn more about in this time. Restore the original IT of the natural spirit, heart, brain, body and vocal cords. At least for a while every now and then.